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How to Choose the Right Ob-Gyn for You: Things to Consider

As a woman, the relationship you have with your ob-gyn is a significant one throughout the course of your life. From yearly pap smears, fertility planning, and eventually mammograms, you want these deeply personal examinations and conversations surrounding your health and to be experienced with a professional you know, like, and trust. In fact, during pregnancy, your OB plays almost as significant a role as the father of your child with visits going from every four weeks to two weeks and even as frequently as once a week at the end of your pregnancy! That’s a lot of time to spend with your doctor—don’t you want to make sure it’s a good fit? When you’re seeing a physician through such pivotal moments in your life, you certainly want one that understands you and your individual needs.

At Mobile Ob-Gyn, we believe in taking a comprehensive approach to women’s healthcare. We work hard to provide convenient, considerate care for every patient, every visit—even offering same-day appointments. All you as the patient must do is ask. Whatever your concerns may be, when it comes to finding the ob-gyn of your dreams, no need is too small to take into consideration.

Here are a few other reasons Mobile Ob-Gyn offers the kind of care you deserve:


The Qualities You Want in a Doctor

Narrowing down your search for an ob-gyn might be as simple as finding out who offers the services you actually need. Mobile Ob-Gyn believes in being there for patients through every step of their journey as women. From adolescence to adulthood, through childbearing years, and into menopause and beyond, we are devoted to offering services that meet your lifelong needs. Mobile Ob-Gyn offers the convenience and privacy of a wide variety of diagnostic and treatment services in one location. We use the latest surgical techniques and cutting-edge equipment to provide minimally invasive surgery for a variety of gynecological issues. At our office, in-house procedures include single-incision hysterectomies, laparoscopy, tubal reversal, as well as a number of other gynecologic and obstetric screening and diagnostic procedures.


Women can feel “lost in the shuffle” as patients. They may find it’s difficult or inconvenient to get an appointment with their ob-gyn when they really need it. At Mobile Ob-Gyn, we prioritize the patient’s needs first and foremost. This means we’re proud to offer same-day appointments. We realize that not all issues can wait, and we intend to make ourselves ready for you when you need us.

Furthermore, your doctor is your doctor at Mobile Ob-Gyn. We do not rotate physicians, so when it’s time to come in for an OB visit, you’re going to be meeting with the person you know and trust who, in turn, knows you and your growing baby.


Additionally, you’ll find practically every type of diagnostic and treatment service available right here in the office. If you’ve ever had to go to your doctor, then drive miles away to have lab work done, then drive somewhere else entirely for a scan, you know how frustrating and exhausting the whole process can be. Instead of being sent to several different places in the name of your health, we offer all the care you need under one roof. And because we have in-office lab services and technicians, you don’t have to wait weeks for important results. The following are just a few of the above-and-beyond services we provide at Mobile Ob-Gyn:

  • 3D/4D Ultrasound
  • Obstetric Ultrasound
  • Gynecologic Ultrasound
  • Gender Reveal Suite
  • Electrocardiogram
  • 3D Digital Mammography
  • Lab Work
  • Bone Density Analysis
  • Clinical Research


Mobile Ob-Gyn is proud to deliver nearly 1400 babies annually—that’s more than any other private ob-gyn practice in the region! We’ve been hard at work helping women through each stage of their lives since 1953, and we understand that individual needs of our patients evolve as they grow and change.

Our healthcare professionals have completed extensive training in obstetrics and gynecology, with many completing their education, internships, or residencies right here in Alabama. All of our doctors are active in local, state, and national medical societies and associations, and each brings their unique qualifications to the Mobile Ob-Gyn. Additionally, the compassionate physicians at our practice are committed to staying up-to-date on the latest in healthcare research and technology. The result of all of our training and knowledge is simple yet important: We provide the best possible care for every patient, every time, at every age.

Positive Reviews

Once you’ve narrowed down what’s most important to you, you can cross-reference those needs with what’s offered at your potential ob-gyn’s office. Then, perhaps the best way to determine if the doctor you’re considering is really the right one for you is to take to the internet. After all, people who leave online reviews—whether positive or negative—had an impactful enough experience to take the time to detail it for an entire online community. We’re honored to say that Mobile Ob-Gyn’s Google and Facebook reviews are among the highest for practices in the area, and we regularly receive recommendations from our patients. Recent reviews have noted that our bedside manner is excellent, we’re dedicated to providing comfort no matter the type of visit, and our physicians really take the time to answer any questions from patients and talk with them throughout their appointment. If you’d like to read the reviews for yourself, please click here and here. We’re also proud to share video patient testimonials about our care at this link.

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Mobile Ob-Gyn physicians are committed to helping you achieve the healthcare outcomes you seek. Whether you’re hoping to grow your family, understand and address your reproductive health, treat a specific issue, or simply age gracefully, Mobile Ob-Gyn wants to be there for you. To schedule an appointment with us, please click here or call 251-633-0793.

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